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You just gotta give it to Mom: she was one tough cookie. That was an expression of hers about others, but it fits her well. She was tough, but soft.

OK, so I spoke to Angela today. I told her about the blog and gave her the link. She is going to go into it and see if she can help us unravel some of the mysteries of Mom's side of the family. I'm sure she'll have some valuable input.

I also told her about the upcoming June reunion. She wants very much to come join us even is only for a couple of days. So she will be working on that. We can "interview" her then and get some good skinny.

So Angela is joining the blog and was very excited about it. Stay tuned!

Oh, one other thought. I think Mom's first word in English when she got off the boat in New York was "chilly" which was misinterpreted to be "chili" and that's what she ended up eating. Welcome to America!

LOL! I hadn't heard that one. I like it.

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