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Wow, 33! And I'm feeling bad being a controlling Mom with my 18 almost 19 year old! I think I'll have him read this so he can see that I'm not so bad and that I get it from Grandpa Raffe - which makes it kind of his fault - right? (it will be a lot easier than trying to change the part of myself that wants to be in control of everything!)

It is the double-whammy for you. Paw-Paw and Grandpa Raffe. And me. A triple-whammy, I guess. I finally realized, though, that the more we try to control, the more we find to control. Eventually, there is too much to control, and we lose it.

By the way, everyone, I just realized that most of my comments appear with Shaun's name on them because this blog actually piggybacks on hers. I have to remember to sign out so I can comment as myself!

As a note, I have the original silk painting of that picture of Mom and Dad on their wedding day. Last year I had it taken out of the old frame and reframed. I was pleased to find that it was actually much larger and was trimmed with a very sweet lace all around the picture. It's like a silk scarf. I delicately ironed out the 50 year old creases as the framing place wouldn't do that. They were afraid it would fall apart or fade. Anyway, I picked out a beautiful backing and gold frame. It came out gorgeous. When you come to visit me (wink) you will get to see the original. It's hanging in the guest room along with 2 precious paintings of Mom's. Needless to say, I feel that room in our house is mine. As you come up the stairs and the door to that room is opened, you see that picture as the first thing. Can't wait to show it off to you, so come on over for a visit!

If you get tired of waiting for a visit, although I would sorely love to see you in TX, take a picture and send it to me; I'll post it.

From what I heard, you might be going to N.O. in June. While I won't bring my house with me, I won't have to hold my breath to see you. If you and the family go, I go. Meanwhile, I have taken a photo of the painting and will send it to you ;-D

I don't know how to comment on the photo album itself. It is WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for sharing that. I have never seen many of those photos. I was totally captivated by some of the photos. I really enjoyed that. Thanks again. If we all get together in June, I'll bring some photos for you to put on the site and then send back to me. I have bunches and it may be stuff you don't have. Let me know the plan. Hugs, Anna

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Who Are They - Album 2

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