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I cannot wait to see the family tree! Make me a copy.
Loves, S

Well, I may be able to shed some light. But the person we should pull in here is Angela. She will know a lot and can enlighten all of us. She grew up with Mom and is Mom's first cousin, I think. I also believe that Mom was engaged to Angela's brother or something like that. The blow up was when I had come back from Europe and mentioned to Mom and Dad that I had gone to Bologna and met Angela's mother and brother. Dad blew up and went nuts. That was what trigged the whole thing.

Mom was engaged to someone else. She was a musician and a nurse. She could not practice nursing in America as her certificate was not good here and she would have had to take courses here to qualify to nurse here. But she did play the violin here. She played in the NO Philharmonic Orchestra. She went every Wednesday night. She wore a black shirt and white blouse. I remember her leaving the house with her violin case. After Christy was born, she gave it up. She just couldn't keep all that up with 3 kids.

The way Mom and Dad met was sweet. Dad was the Master Sergeant. the war was over and the troops were waiting to be shipped back to the States. Dad was in charge of entertainment. He had the jeep. He would go pick up the local orchestra and bring them to entertain the soldiers. Yes, Mom was one of the violinist. When he first saw her he signaled her to sit in the front seat of the jeep. Grandpa Raffe found out and took Mom's violin away and locked her in her room. Mind you, she was 33 at the time but was engaged to, I believe, Roberto (Angela's brother). Dad was distressed and finally got the courage to go confront Grandpa Raffe. He asked to marry Mom. Grandpa Raffe finally gave his permission. But he told Mom that if she did this and went to America, if things did not work out that she was never to return. In other words, practically disowned her.

Mom never went back home and never saw her family again. When I was 10 I remember coming home from school and finding Mom crying in the middle of the dining room. She was clutching a letter. It was from her sister letting her know that her mother was dead and already buried. Months later came the news of her dad. They died a few months apart, very similar the the short span between Dad and Mom.

Earlier than that we were all supposed to go to Italy to meet our Grandparents and other relatives. We all got out shots and passport photos. I still have those photos. It's the one where I'm wearing a red and navy blue taffeta dress posing like Sofia Loren. Charlie is in a tan tweed suit looking very dapper. I don't remember Christy's photo for that event. She was so small she was probably in Mom's passport. They do that with babies. Charlie and I were about 6 and 7. So Christy was about 2.

Anyway, we never made that trip. I would get sick quite often: tonsils, etc. Keeping up my image, I got sick and the trip was cancelled. The plane we were to travel on went down and everyone was killed. That is the reason Mom and Dad never flew again and never went back to Europe. There was some talk later about trying again but they could never agree on flying all in one plane. They wanted to go in separate planes with the kids split up so if one plane went down we all wouldn't be wiped out. Well, no agreements were ever reached and I was 14 before my first plane trip.

OK, enough for tonight. This is really great!!

Amazing. I am so glad that I started this.

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