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September 08, 2009


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You are awake early! I hope that you get feeling better.

Annalise in Australia

im so sorry to hear that you are in hospital, i hope that you improve quickly and feel better soon

Anna Paddock

Are you wearing a lovely backless gown? Be well!!


Boo! But I'm glad you are being treated so well, get better soon! And because I've still got pickles on the brain, "I'm sorry you're in the hospickle." (couldn't resist).


oh no! I hope you're feeling better SOON!

Linda Dubnow

Hi Shaun,
I'm thinking of you and hoping you are on your feet soon.
Linda Dubnow


Sorry I didn't get by to see you today :( Working on my Psych paper which is due tomorrow - Woo Hoo! I think the girls had a good time yesterday. Ask Vinny about the purse she took a picture of! Love you lots!!!


Just want to let you know we are thinking of you and hope things get better soon. Lots of love.


I haven't checked in awhile and was so sad to hear you aren't doing so hot. I love you a lot and hope you get feeling better soon:)


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