September 28, 2009


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Beautiful! I am almost inspired to scrapbook... my room has been so messy for the last nine or ten months that I have done NOTHING. If I get brave, I will post a picture. Love yours!!!

Anna Paddock

Wow! Impressive! It looks like the STORE! Nice job.


I love scrap book supplies... office supplies in general. I loved every single photo! I also love stuff that you can organize. This was a great post. Now, when you post something amazing that you have scrap booked I can imagine where you did it at!

Also, I had this thought. If her house went up in flames, (God Forbid) I would imagine you first getting out your kids and Charlie and second, running to grab as much of your scrap book stuff as you could!

Love ya,


That must be an old picture of the table. I just went upstairs and it doesn't look like that. At least now I know that it is white.


Wow! You could open your own scrapbook store in there. You know the last time I did any scrap booking was with you at Ambers'shower. Needless to say, I am way behind.

metal beads

Perfectly cute. I love your designs and works. I've been very much messy with my little stuffs and I just don't know how to put them together in a way they'll look complimenting and good, now I just got an idea!Thanks!

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