September 23, 2008


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Aunt Anna

Patrick, making money should be a piece of cake for you. I remember you at your Mom and Dad's wedding with money sticking out of every pocket on your pants and jacket. You just went around and asked for it and got more in a few minutes than I earned in a month. So, go for it, man! You got what it takes ;-D Luv ya, Aunt Anna


Okay. That picture is adorable! I remember him being that little. I'm sure it is hard seeing your children grow up. My Mom and Dad are still probably sitting at home right now wishing I was there.... or not!

Your a good Mom and your kids are great.

laura vegas

hope he has fun at his new job! i started working at 16 yrs old as a bagger at a grocery store ... and ended up working in grocery for over 13 years. lol! it's a good job though!

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