September 15, 2008


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this is a great post shaun! i love how you stopped to let the boys skate ;) and your pool looks phenomenal. xe


I just love you Shaun. That's it.


Shaun, just love this stuff! Feel like I am catching up on the last 4 years all in one day!


What a fun story! I told my husband, "I will never live in South Carolina" when his friend called & told him about the job. I flew out with him on frequent flier miles & stayed in the Westin downtown (very swanky!) & enjoyed hot temperatures in December. I also went around with a realtor & was stunned at the great home prices. All in all, it wasn't that bad!

Now that we've been here six years, I really really like it. Culture shock for a while but overall a great place to live & raise kids. We love the beach & the water is warm. We love the people - they are so friendly & genuinely nice. I am shocked whenever I travel out into the "real world." I like that there are enough big cities within a few hours that I can get a fix if small-er town life gets to me. I don't really miss Seattle any more - just the people.

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